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PROBLEM SOLVED: Company repairs faulty ramp for disabled, Wyoming couple

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

A disabled couple from Wyoming, Susan and Rick Winkle, have a new, safe ramp after they claim to have been victims of shoddy workmanship by a contractor. Green Shield Home, a Caledonia-based contractor, stepped in to rectify the situation at no cost to the homeowners.

About a month ago, the Winkles reached out to the FOX 17 Problem Solvers, expressing their disappointment with SOS Home Rehab, the company they'd contracted to build a ramp for their mobility devices. Rick is legally blind, while Susan uses a walker or wheelchair for mobility. The couple states that SOS Home Rehab subcontracted the task, which took four months to complete and cost them $5,800.

Upon completion, Disability Advocates of Kent County inspected the ramp and found it non-compliant with Michigan building code sections 1010.9.1 and 1010.9.2, which focus on edge protection. The ramp built for the Winkles lacked edge protection, a critical safety feature for individuals using mobility devices. Moreover, the handrail was deemed unsuitable for a visually impaired individual, and the inspection also revealed unsecured nails and warping boards, posing further fall hazards.

Green Shield Home, upon hearing the Winkles' story, contacted FOX 17, offering to repair the faulty ramp free of charge.

"I was appalled," expressed Dana Jefferson, owner of Green Shield Home. "It's unacceptable to treat people this way. The ramp was virtually useless as it was."

Jefferson and her team replaced all the wood with treated lumber and secured all nails, ensuring the ramp was safe and suitable for the Winkles' use. The couple now feels secure using their new ramp.

Susan Winkle said, "It really has restored my faith in humanity."

Jefferson echoed this sentiment, stating, "It's rewarding to know we've made a positive difference. It brings great satisfaction to our team."

Despite the positive outcome, the Winkles are still at a loss of $5,800 for the original job. They state that SOS Home Rehab offered a fix, but only on the condition that the initial article was removed and an extra $500 was paid for additional materials.

SOS Home Rehab maintains they aren't to blame for the substandard work as they subcontracted the job, even though payments were made directly to them.

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