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composite deck


Proudly Made in North America

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Made in North America
deck maintenance
composite deck

High-quality, low-maintenance decking.
with a limited lifetime warranty

Our composite contains NO WOOD FILLERS.

  • More durable than other composite boards

  • Heat-blocking technology keeps the deck 20+ degrees F. cooler 

  • Never paint, stain, or seal

  • Rice husk formula means no rotting or molding

  •  Eco-friendly product made with 95% recycled materials

  • Reversible boards with capping on all four sides

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We're committed to offering top-tier, wood-free, capped rice hull composite decking that's resistant to water penetration, ensuring your deck remains free from mold, rot, or swelling. Our unique dual-encapsulation process guarantees durability, while our proprietary capping provides safety from slips and slivers, shields against stains, reduces heat retention, and limits fading - all to keep your outdoor haven looking pristine and comfortable for everyone to enjoy.

composite decking

Six beautiful variegated shades to choose from

home deck

A dream deck that out beats the competition every time

Value and Quality

Economically friendly composite boards deliver superior durability and authentic wood grain features, using less material without compromising on quality - a perfect choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

Longevity and Safety

Backed a limited lifetime warranty, and adherence to international and USA building codes, these boards guarantee long-lasting performance and safety.

Easy Installation and Sustainability

With compatibility for quick installation using hidden fasteners, a composition of 95% recycled materials promoting sustainability, and a variety of appealing color options available, these boards effortlessly blend convenience and environmental responsibility.

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