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commercial decking
Commercial Deck

A deck that will look brand new day in and day out.

With our low-maintenance design, you can say goodbye to staining or painting. Built to repel moisture and resist fading, our decks remain beautiful and functional year-round, even in harsh weather or heavy foot traffic. With our decks being splinter-free and slip-resistant, safety is never a concern. 

deck Railing

We know looks, quality, and longevity matter for your business

How our looks are different

  • No visible screws 

  • Single boards can be removed, flipped, and adjusted 

  • Reinforced plastic that never rusts 

  • Made to exactly to fit our boards (not a universal clip that’s just “okay”)

  • Fascia boards in matching colors

  • Color-matched screws and plugs

  • Six beautiful, natural colors to choose from

How our quality is different

  • The only company that offers wood and wood filler-free capped rice hull composite decking.

  • More durable composite boards than our competitors.

  • No subcontractors. Our install crews are all in-house, ensuring quality and efficiency in your deck build.

  • Our manufacturer, TruNorth, has over 30 years of no-field failures.

Industries that Trust Green Shield


Choosing a Green Shield deck for your restaurant not only enhances outdoor dining aesthetics but also ensures easy maintenance and longevity, providing a comfortable and safe dining environment for your customers.

Marinas and Yacht Clubs

With Green Shield decks, marinas, and yacht clubs can offer a durable, non-slip, and water-resistant surface that withstands harsh marine conditions while presenting an upscale appearance.

Hotels and B&B's

Green Shield decking is a great investment for hotels and B&Bs, offering a stylish, low-maintenance outdoor area that increases guest comfort and safety, ultimately enhancing their overall stay.


Green Shield decks provide wineries with an elegant, long-lasting outdoor setting perfect for wine tastings and events, while also promoting sustainability and easy upkeep.


By choosing Green Shield decks, resorts can provide guests with a safe, durable, and beautiful outdoor space for relaxation and activities, all while promoting an eco-friendly image.

Parks, Boardwalks & Cities

Green Shield decking is an excellent choice for parks, boardwalks, and city spaces, offering a robust, low-maintenance solution that can handle high foot traffic and diverse weather conditions while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of public spaces.

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