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Green Shield outperforms other decking material options.

Our deck boards are sourced straight from the manufacturer TruNorth and is the only company offering non-wood-based capped rice hull composite decking. 

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Green Shield vs Wood Boards


Unlike traditional wood, composite decks are designed to last longer, offering you more value for your investment. They're also safer, reducing the risk of splinters and other injuries that can occur with wood decks.


One of the best features of composite decks is their barefoot-friendly design. You can comfortably walk on them without worrying about harsh temperatures or rough surfaces.


But the real game-changer? The low maintenance. No more staining, painting, or treating - composite decks are easy to care for and keep looking great.


And to top it all off, we back our composite decks with a lifetime transferable warranty. It's not just a better choice, it's the best choice for your decking needs.

rice hulls

What's the Difference with Rice Hulls?

Say goodbye to mold, rot, and swelling with Green Shield's proprietary rice hull blend composite boards.


Unlike traditional wood-based blends, our innovative composite is proven to resist water penetration, ensuring your deck stays beautiful and robust for years to come. Plus, with both sides of TruNorth encapsulated, our boards offer a unique advantage - they're flippable. If a board gets damaged, you can simply turn it over for a fresh start. It's a smarter, more sustainable choice for your decking needs.

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