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PVC Decking
Residential Deck

Entertain in luxury. Escape in supreme comfort.
with a limited lifetime warranty

Innovation at work, genius at play.

  • Advanced color technology for longer-lasting good looks 

  • Proprietary wood grain embossing technology 

  • Engineered for strength with exclusive Korelite™ technology 

  • Stays up to 30% cooler than other competing PVC brands

  • Extreme impact resistance rivals strength of hardwoods 

  • Can be heated and bent without compromising 

  • Low moisture absorption 

  • Limited transferable Lifetime Performance Warranty

clubhouse decking logo

Incredible choice comes with incredible beauty

Clubhouse® Decking, free of wood or wood fillers that could warp or rot, features a proprietary formulation that results in a water-impervious, super-dense structure offering exceptional strength and impact protection. Its unique single-extrusion process fuses the PVC core and capstock into one, enhancing its strength, while the dense cell structure allows the decking to be heated and bent into beautiful, unique shapes without compromising its attractive wood grain texture.

Ten beautiful colors to choose from

Realistic Hardwood Replication

Offers a range of six colors with variegated grains for an authentic hardwood feel and look.

Safety and Durability

Outperforms and outlasts without losing its natural beauty, complete with a Class A Flame Spread Index for extra safety.


Provides the appearance of painted wood without the need for continuous upkeep, requiring only light cleaning.

Sustainability Commitment

Diverts over 7 million pounds of waste from landfills annually, operates a 99.997% landfill-free manufacturing process, and recycles 100% of internal scrap.

Eco-Conscious Manufacturing

Uses no organic wood in cap or core, does not contribute to deforestation, utilizes solar energy in manufacturing, and protects waterways with a closed-loop filtration system.

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