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Front Residential Deck

Together, let’s leave the trees in the forest.

A 12x12 foot TruNorth deck removes 12,000 plastic bottles from landfills and saves 90 gallons (343 L) of oil. Plus, since our composite boards are wood-free, each deck offsets at least 1,132 lbs (514 kg) of CO2 emissions.

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Minimizing Environmental Impact

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through resource conservation and energy efficiency, embodied by our composite decking product made up of 95% recycled material.

  • Our decking contains no toxic chemicals, VOCs, or formaldehyde

  • Every year, we divert as much as ​​7,223,000 million pounds of industrial plastic waste from landfills

  • 99.997% land-fill free – virtually no waste

  • Closed-loop water filtration system

  • Use solar energy in manufacturing

  • Recycle 100% of internal scrap

  • No organic wood in cap or core

  • No need for harsh cleaning or refinishing agents

  • A sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to wood

  • Does not contribute to deforestation

  • Longer-lasting products backed by industry-leading warranties

Home Deck and pool

Maximizing Efficiency, Minimizing Waste

Unlike most composite decking that is manufactured abroad and subsequently shipped, our Composite and Clubhouse decking is produced in North America, utilizing practices that conserve both energy and water, thereby significantly reducing resource use.

  • Our products have a shorter transportation distance

  • Transport requires less packaging

  • Reduces reliance on fossil fuels

  • Diminishes air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

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