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How one rescue dog is rescuing them all

Meet Fred, the Chihuahua mix with a Texas background, now strutting his stuff across 62 billboards in Michigan. Rescued from a life on the streets without treats and cozy beds, Fred’s journey went from stray to star at Green Shield Deck Builders.

In a nutshell, Fred, the Green Shield’s four-legged sensation, conquered anxiety and malnourishment by claiming a special spot in his mom's office. His favorite treats? All of them. His favorite attention? You guessed it. All of it. 

Fred’s got a big dog attitude in a little dog body, and at the ripe age of somewhere between 5 and 6 (who's counting?), he's the heartthrob of Green Shield Deck Builders. 

Recently, Fred spilled the kibble on his rags to riches tale. 

Little-known Facts About Fred

He’s a Chihuahua mix with plenty of attitude. He photographs best from his right side. And oh yes, he prefers chicken over beef. 

Fred’s Real-life Rescue

Fred comes from less-than-ideal circumstances. He was living on the streets in Texas just trying to get by. Day to day life was a battle to find food and a safe place to sleep at night. One day, some people came across him and began shooting him with a paintball gun. That was a terrible experience, but it was the experience that got him picked up off the street. The local shelter picked Fred up and posted him online. That’s when he met the wonderful woman who would become his Forever Mom. 

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A Little Bit About Fred’s Forever Mom

Fred considers her a rockstar! She's been with Green Shield since (nearly) the beginning. In fact, she sort of got Fred this gig. Well, that, and his face of course. When Fred first got to Michigan, he had a lot of anxiety about being left alone, so his Forever Mom made him a nice safe space in her office. He quickly became very popular among office workers and guests. It was only natural that he would become the mascot and billboard star.

How Fred Keeps His Cool

When he's not snuggled up under his Forever Mom's desk, Fred can be found lounging on a Green Shield Deck. He loves that Green Shield Deck Builders use special composite decking that stays 20 degrees cooler than all other composite. Nothing is worse than a beautiful outdoor space that is too hot for his little toes!

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