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The Sustainable Solution for Eco-Friendly Outdoor Spaces

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Saving the Planet One Plank at a Time: It's Not Just Talk

Green Shield's composite decking is made from a whopping 95% recycled content, which means they're not just talking the talk, but walking the eco-friendly walk. Using reclaimed wood fibers and recycled plastics, Green Shield is all about giving trees a break and saving some plastic from meeting a landfill-y fate. Opting for Green Shield's decking is like being an environmental superhero, one deck at a time!

Rice Husks: The Secret Ingredient to

Deck-tastic Success

So, what makes Green Shield stand out from the composite crowd? Rice husks, that's what! Instead of wood shavings, Green Shield uses rice husks for increased longevity and water resistance. This not-so-secret ingredient also means their decking is low-maintenance, which is perfect for busy bees who want to spend less time wielding a power washer and more time sipping iced tea on their fabulous deck.

A Greener Manufacturing Process: They've Got the Environment Covered

Green Shield's love for Mother Earth doesn't stop at their materials. Their manufacturing process is designed to minimize waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So, when you choose Green Shield's decking materials, you're not just picking a sustainable product but also supporting a company that's as green as can be.

Less Maintenance, More Chillaxing: The Sustainable Way to Deck Out Your Space

Green Shield's composite decking is super-duper durable, which means less maintenance and replacement compared to those old-fashioned wood decks. Fewer resources needed for upkeep means a happier planet (and a happier you)! So, kick back and relax on your sustainable deck, knowing you've made an environmentally friendly choice.

Green Shield Deck Builders are seriously crushing the sustainability game with their eco-conscious composite decking materials. Made from 95% recycled content and trusty rice husks, they're a dream come true for any eco-warrior looking to create an outdoor oasis. If you want a beautiful, low-maintenance deck that also happens to save the planet, Green Shield's got you covered, from plank to post!

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